What Are The Best Pokemon Card Packs to Buy in 2021?

In this article we’re going to look at the best Pokemon card packs to buy in this very special year; Pokemon’s 25th anniversay!

Although demand has never been greater, and some prices are through the roof, I’m going share with you my top tips for selecting packs that are:

  • Fun to open
  • Valuable, but under-priced
  • Have great chase cards
  • Not too expensive

It goes without saying, this is not investment advice! I’m merely sharing my opinion. You are responsible for how you spend your money!

Big disclaimer out of the way, let’s jump into it!

1. 2014 XY Flashfire Booster Packs

Want to go Charizard hunting?!

Not many sets have multiple Charizard cards, but did you know XY Flashfire has a whopping 7!

If you want the thrill of opening packs, good growth potential, and above average chances of pulling a Charizard, XY Flashfire booster packs are the ones for you!

pokemon xy flashfire booster packs

2. 1999 Base Set Theme Decks

Although not necessarily booster packs, early theme decks are one of my top strategies for investing in old school Pokemon cards.

Yes I agree, they don’t have the same buzz of opening a booster pack, but they also don’t carry the same risk of pulling a dud!

Theme decks have specified set lists, and also a guaranteed holo.

For example, the Zap! Theme Deck comes with a Holographic Mewtwo and x4 Pikachu’s!

Do your research, and you can make a pretty penny by getting these cards graded.

3. 2016 XY Generations Booster Packs

It’s easy to get carried away with Pokemon’s 25th birthday, but it’s also a good reminder than anniversary year cards have special meaning, and therefore added value.

Rewind to Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, and you’ll find XY Generations.

This commemorative set is packed full of fan favourite Pokemon, epic artwork and 3 beastly Charizards!

From this Full Art Pikachu to this Flareon and his brothers masterpiece, there are so many great pulls to be had from popping packs.

It ticks all the boxes; fun, great value and awesome artwork. I’d definitely recommend picking up a few for your collection.

4. 1996 Japanese Jungle, Fossil & Team Rocket Booster Packs

Taking it all the way back to Pokemon’s inaugural year, early Japanese booster packs are great fun to crack open!

All the cards have value, the nostalgic artwork is incredible, and Japanese cards (even from so long ago) were very well made. This means they often have no edgewear or whitening, making them perfect for grading.

Now you might be asking why I left off the original Japanese Base Set booster packs from this list?

Quite simply, Jungle, Fossil & Team Rocket all guarantee you a holo!

You literally get so much value out of these packs and a piece of history – what more could you ask for?!

5. 2021 Shining Fates Booster Packs

I’m going to finish off this list with Pokemon’s latest set, Shining Fates.

Despite it proving impossible to pick up packs from your local store, this is a wonderfully designed set that shouldn’t be missed.

Like any modern set, the only significant value to be had is in the secret rare’s and the Charizards.

However with over 100 ‘shining cards’, tons of full arts, a rainbow rare and even two black and gold Eternatus cards, the variety of designs makes pack opening very fun!

Positively, Pokemon have promised to print more cards, but until supply hits our retailers, your best bet for Shining Fates booster packs is eBay.

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